How you can contribute

What are some of the ways you might contribute to ElectrumSV?

  • Contributing translations.

  • Contributing new features.

  • Contributing bug fixes.

  • Reporting problems.


Anyone wishing to contribute translations of the text in the ElectrumSV user interface, can do so by the ElectrumSV project on Crowdin. Once you’ve done entering translations let us know, and we’ll do the process of exporting the latest data from Crowdin so that your transaction work gets used.

New features

Be aware that you should check with us before starting work on a feature you are hoping we will accept into ElectrumSV. If we accept a new feature, we then have to maintain it and accept the extra work involved on top of that required for support requests, current features and bug fixes. And it may be that depending on the feature we cannot remove it later, if users become reliant on it or have data that requires it to be present.

Bug fixes

We welcome bug fixes for existing problems, whether they are problems you encounter yourself or ones that you see others have reported that have not already been fixed. You can find our existing bugs in our issue tracker on Github.

Reporting problems

Even if you do not have the experience, skill or inclination to attempt to fix problems you encounter, it would be appreciated if you could report them to us. And if you can take the time to describe what you were doing when you encountered the problem, it helps us fix the problems much more easily. You can report bugs using our template in our issue tracker on Github.