Hardware wallet issues


Message: “The sign path is unusual”

Ledger have implemented enforced derivation paths for each cryptocurrency. If you set up your hardware wallet with a different derivation path than it expects for the app you are using on your Ledger device, then it will in theory show you the above message warning you. You can read the reasons why on the article linked above. However, some of our users have reported that this is not a warning and in fact it prevents them from signing leaving them unable to access their funds.

It is recommended that users who experience this upgrade their Ledger firmware to the latest version and if it still does not allow them to sign, then work out some way to get the funds from their Ledger back into it with the derivation path Ledger expects. It is very likely that if users were unable to sign, given that Ledger say it should only be a warning, that this was a temporary bug in their firmware and an upgrade should fix it when they do.

The process of moving funds to the correct derivation path might be done as follows:

  1. Make a new wallet and account in ElectrumSV using the text account option. This will involve entering your seed words from your Ledger, so that you can manage the coins directly in ElectrumSV.

  2. Verify that you can see your coins in your new account, and send a small amount back to yourself to ensure you have access.

  3. Make a second wallet and account in ElectrumSV using the hardware wallet option. Ensure you use the derivation path that Ledger expects you to use, whatever that is.

  4. Send a small amount from the first (imported text words) account to the second (new hardware wallet) account. Verify that it arrives. This is intended to put an existing small amount of coins in your new hardware wallet account so you can verify it works correctly.

  5. Send a small amount from the new hardware wallet account back to itself. Verify that the hardware wallet signs the transaction correctly as it has in the past, and the problem is solved.

  6. Send all the coins remaining in the imported text words account over to the new hardware wallet account. You should now have your funds safely stored in your Ledger again.

This process of moving your coins of course completely bypasses the protection that your hardware wallet was supposed to provide, but there’s not much else you can do if you want to continue using it and it won’t otherwise let you.


Message: “Signing transaction” never goes away

In order to address flaws in the Bitcoin Core protocol, Trezor made changes to transaction signing which caused errors when users try to sign transactions in ElectrumSV. If you have the latest version of ElectrumSV, this problem should be solved.